Important DG News!

We had a great show on Saturday, August 4th, at Jersey Java & Tea.  Thanks again to everyone who came out!  We had a rockin’ good time! 

And now for our very important piece of news:


We announced at our show that we have officially

changed our name from

‘Dichroic Glass’ to ‘The DG Band’. 

You may be wondering, why did we do this??  Well, we are becoming more focused on who we are as a band and what we want to accomplish, and with this renewed sense of purpose, we felt that a name change was in order. We want people to remember us, and more importantly, be able to pronounce and spell our band name! (We are keeping the concept of our colorful layers of sound, though, since DG stands for Dichroic Glass!)


So please join us on our new Facebook page if you haven’t already.  And keep us in mind for your next party or event.  We love to add fun music to cocktail parties, dinner parties, festivals, picnics, etc!  We continue to donate proceeds to the No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation, so booking us to play gets you some great music AND helps a great cause!


And, as always, thanks for your continued support!


Maureen, Kristin, Al, Greg, and Tom



DG plays at Sustainable Cherry Hill’s retreat dinner!

It was a privilege to be asked to create a festive atmosphere with musical entertainment at Sustainable Cherry Hill’s retreat dinner.  Thanks to Brenda Jorett, the Communications Director for the group, for inviting us!  Here is what they had to say after the event:

“While the lively conversation, food, beer and wine would have been enough, the melodious sounds of the Cherry Hill/Voorhees-based band, Dichroic Glass provided an extra touch that really made the evening so special. The band played original music and cover tunes that kept toes tapping throughout the evening.”

Our music is perfect for dinner parties or other events, so feel free to contact us to add live music for your next gathering!



DG Plays at Haddonfield’s Earth Day!

We had a great time playing at Haddonfield’s Earth Day event!  The day was a bit windy, but it was refreshing and crisp.  We played songs like ‘Summer Breeze’, ‘California Dreamin”, ‘Happy Together’, and a brand new DG original called ‘The More That I’m With You’.  People were singing along and we even had a little dancing going on!  We were happy to have a new band member playing with us…Tom Levecchia will be joining us on drums for some of our shows and recordings!  He is an amazing sax player to boot, although we haven’t yet figured out a way to get him to play both drums and sax at the same time.  And all you Bongo Bogutz fans, don’t worry, Al will continue to do percussion with us as well!  The more, the merrier!  🙂

PS – A HUGE thank you goes out to our sound engineer, Jim Scheiner, who not only made us sound great during the concert, but also rigged up the solar panels and battery that powered our equipment in a green way for Earth Day!  Genius!!


ED1  Left to right:

  Jim Scheiner (sound and bass)

  Tom Levecchia (drums)

  Kristin King (vocals and keyboard)

  Maureen Rush-Bogutz (vocals and guitar)

  Greg King (bass and guitar)

  Al Bogutz (percussion)-not pictured


ED2     ED3


ED4     ED5

DG Recording Session!

Every once in a while, opportunities present themselves and you just have to take advantage, right?  (Like free hotdog day at the baseball stadium!)  Well, an opportunity to record in a professional recording studio came our way, and we jumped right on it!  Steve at Schooley Street Productions heard about us and offered to donate studio time and his professional sound services for a couple of our songs.  So on a sunny Sunday, we packed up our gear and headed over to Moorestown, NJ for an afternoon of recording our own original tunes!  Tom Levecchia, a friend of ours and an amazing musician (and the connection that helped make this opportunity happen!), came along to play drums and add a sax track.  (Thank you, Tom!)  The time went quickly, but we were able to get two songs laid down.  Steve is working on the mixing and we need to go back and add some finishing touches, but in the meantime here are some pictures of us in the studio!

In the recording room:

M&G   K&T

Greg and Tom laying their tracks:

G bass   Tom

Maureen and Kristin laying the vocal tracks:

M&K1   M&K2

We had a fantastic experience, and Steve at Schooley Street Productions has been great to work with.  Many thanks to him for donating his time and talents!

DG Opens for Lauren Hart at BCH

We recently played at the Barrington Coffee House, which is always a treat, but this time we had the additional perk of being the opening act for Lauren Hart, the Philadelphia Flyers’ anthem singer!  She is quite a talented musician and vocalist, and we had a great time sharing the evening with her.  The house was packed and we had people dancing in the aisles and in their seats!  It was an amazing evening! 



DG Plays at Scout Carnival

DG supported local cub scouting by playing at the Scout Carnival on September 18!  We had a great time and the carnival was a smashing success!  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us and the local cub scouts!


scout carnival

Recording Session with Terry Rivel!

Maureen and Kristin recently had an exciting opportunity to record backup vocals for a good friend of ours, Terry Rivel (  Terry is an amazing singer/songwriter whose clever lyrics and catchy melodies have us tapping our toes to his every song!  We added our harmonies to four of his songs at a recording studio in Haddon Heights owned by Jimmy Heffernan (  Jimmy’s magic touch on the controls and his creative suggestions made these great songs sound even better!  It was our first time in a real recording studio and so the experience was really exciting for us, and we hope to do more recording in a studio in the future!  We would like to say a big THANK YOU to Terry for the opportunity and also to Jimmy for all his patience and help.  We will keep you all posted as to when Terry’s CD will be released!





A Section for Bongo Bogutz!

Hot off the presses! Check out the Bio page for Al’s story. Do it! 🙂


A few weeks ago, we had a photoshoot session with a photographer to get some professional-looking pictures of the 4 of us! It was a beautiful day and we were able to have the session outdoors. We are really excited and we will post some of them soon, hopefully in a week or two!  Stop by our ‘Links’ page to get the URL for Jolie’s MySpace site!

New! Greg’s Bio!

We just added a section on the Bio page for our illustrious bass player, Greg. Check it out! Al’s very own section is soon to follow as well!