DG History

It was in 2002 through church that Maureen and Kristin met in a folk group where they continue to sing and play today. A few years after joining the folk group, a subset of the group branched out to perform secular music. The band, called “Lost and Found,” played a few select venues, but schedules were difficult to coordinate, so opportunities to get together were few and far between. Kristin and Maureen shared the desire to continue to perform, and began to play and sing at local open mics. They formed the group Dichroic Glass in early 2006. Two working moms with young kids and a passion for music, they decided to explore their musical interests and collaborate and compose original music together. Their first CD, self-titled “Dichroic Glass,” is a result of a great partnership and lots of support from family and friends, and a little divine intervention!

About a year later Kristin’s and Maureen’s wonderful and supportive husbands (Greg King and Al Bogutz) decided to join them for their live performances.  Greg is a multi-talented bass and guitar player.  Al (aka “Bongo Bogutz”) rounds out the group’s sound with his talents on a variety of percussion instruments.

DG lean on railing