DG Plays at Haddonfield’s Earth Day!

We had a great time playing at Haddonfield’s Earth Day event!  The day was a bit windy, but it was refreshing and crisp.  We played songs like ‘Summer Breeze’, ‘California Dreamin”, ‘Happy Together’, and a brand new DG original called ‘The More That I’m With You’.  People were singing along and we even had a little dancing going on!  We were happy to have a new band member playing with us…Tom Levecchia will be joining us on drums for some of our shows and recordings!  He is an amazing sax player to boot, although we haven’t yet figured out a way to get him to play both drums and sax at the same time.  And all you Bongo Bogutz fans, don’t worry, Al will continue to do percussion with us as well!  The more, the merrier!  🙂

PS – A HUGE thank you goes out to our sound engineer, Jim Scheiner, who not only made us sound great during the concert, but also rigged up the solar panels and battery that powered our equipment in a green way for Earth Day!  Genius!!


ED1  Left to right:

  Jim Scheiner (sound and bass)

  Tom Levecchia (drums)

  Kristin King (vocals and keyboard)

  Maureen Rush-Bogutz (vocals and guitar)

  Greg King (bass and guitar)

  Al Bogutz (percussion)-not pictured


ED2     ED3


ED4     ED5

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