DG Recording Session!

Every once in a while, opportunities present themselves and you just have to take advantage, right?  (Like free hotdog day at the baseball stadium!)  Well, an opportunity to record in a professional recording studio came our way, and we jumped right on it!  Steve at Schooley Street Productions heard about us and offered to donate studio time and his professional sound services for a couple of our songs.  So on a sunny Sunday, we packed up our gear and headed over to Moorestown, NJ for an afternoon of recording our own original tunes!  Tom Levecchia, a friend of ours and an amazing musician (and the connection that helped make this opportunity happen!), came along to play drums and add a sax track.  (Thank you, Tom!)  The time went quickly, but we were able to get two songs laid down.  Steve is working on the mixing and we need to go back and add some finishing touches, but in the meantime here are some pictures of us in the studio!

In the recording room:

M&G   K&T

Greg and Tom laying their tracks:

G bass   Tom

Maureen and Kristin laying the vocal tracks:

M&K1   M&K2

We had a fantastic experience, and Steve at Schooley Street Productions has been great to work with.  Many thanks to him for donating his time and talents!

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