Greg King – Bass/Guitar/Vocals

GK PicAs a teenager in the 70’s, Greg picked up a guitar and tried playing along with records on the family stereo (e.g. Beatles, Byrds, The Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival).  Focusing on the rhythm guitar parts, he eventually (after much pain and suffering inflicted on his family) discovered common chord progressions that are used in many songs, and became a fairly good ear player.  Since that time he has continued to play on-and-off, primarily for his own amusement.  When listening to music, Greg often finds himself gravitating to the bass parts, and in 2007 he finally decided to try his hand at bass guitar.  The timing worked out well, since Kristin and Maureen were looking for a bass player to join them in some of their live performances.  After receiving several comments about their clever bass-playing mannequin, Kristin and Maureen had to explain to the audience that Greg was indeed a live member of the band, and Kristin even went so far as to admit being married to him.  Greg enjoys being a part of Dichroic Glass, in which he plays bass, some guitar, and an occasional vocal.  He’s hoping to catch the songwriting bug so he can contribute to the repertoire of original songs written by Maureen and Kristin.