Kristin King – Vocals/Keyboard

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Kristin has been involved with music since she was a small child, belting out lyrics to 70’s songs while riding in the family station wagon. Her love of interesting harmonies began at this early age, as her mother sang along also, adding a layer above the melody to better suit her soprano voice. Kristin sought out opportunities to sing, often recruiting her siblings so that they could sing different parts. At age 7, Kristin began piano lessons, which not only taught her to read music, but also helped her pick up some of the technical side of music composition. Singing remained her focus, though, and throughout high school and college, she joined every chorus and liturgical singing group she could, as well as performed in several school musical productions. Once out of college, she spent a few years concentrating on her career, getting married, and starting a family, but in 2002 she was at it again, adding her voice to the already established folk group, Pious Praise, which provided worship music at her parish.