Maureen Rush-Bogutz – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar



Maureen was enthralled with music as a young kid, listening for hours to records and singing at family gatherings. She took piano lessons as a young child, but fell in love with the guitar, when she first began to play at the age of 12. Largely an ear player and non-traditional in her approach, she has studied under a number of different teachers. She started playing and singing at parties and small venues when she was a teenager. She belonged to a number of musical groups and started writing songs at this time. In college she continued to play and sing at open mics and in choirs. While she pursued a career in higher education, she continued to maintain her passion for music as an avocation. In the late 1980s Maureen had the opportunity to travel internationally in “Up With People”, which is a professionally produced music group that performs and does community service work, all over the world. In the early 90s, Maureen sang with the Anna Crusis women’s choir in Philadelphia. After settling down and getting married and having kids, she joined different church folk groups and eventually found one she loved.