The Importance of Research

Both Maureen’s and Kristin’s lives have been touched by cancer in a very personal way. Maureen lost her 14 year old nephew to leukemia in 2001. Then in mid 2006  Kristin was diagnosed with breast cancer.  At this time, music became an even greater outlet for the musical duo.  They started meeting regularly for coffee and “music therapy,” as they called it. Throughout the course of Kristin’s long and challenging treatment they began to collaborate and produce and record their first CD. They realized that the music had taken on an even greater meaning. It had become an inspiration and a vehicle for change. Kristin was battling a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer called “Her2/neu positive” cancer. It affects only 25% of the breast cancer population, and tends to strike women under the age of 40. Today Kristin is a survivor, thanks to medical research which helped in the life saving drugs that were not available just a few short years ago!!  For this reason Dichroic Glass has pledged to donate proceeds of CD sales and musical performances to the fight against breast cancer.