What’s in a name?

Many people ask us ‘What is dichroic glass and why did you pick that name?’

Here is an example of dichroic glass:

DG sample

Dichroic glass is a material used for many purposes, including jewelry making. The layers of metallic oxides that are fused together to form dichroic glass result in a colorful, three-dimensional, layered effect that changes hues when viewed from different angles. We aspire to create rich, interesting sounds in our music by layering voices and instruments together with lyrics that explore experiences and issues to which everyone can relate, but speak especially to women. Also, we just love the jewelry! 🙂 Dichroic Glass is: Maureen Rush-Bogutz – vocals, guitar, bass, percussion; Kristin King – vocals, keyboard, percussion; Greg King – guitar, bass; Al Bogutz – bongos, percussion; and Tom Levecchia – drums and saxophone.

Miata Madness!

Miata Madness! Kristin (left) and Maureen (right)